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Desire Lines

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(Design term):

Paths that pedestrians take informally - in spite of urban design

Why do we stay "on track" when the route just goes in circles? What drives us to stray from sanctioned pathways? How do we harmonize our desires…?

… and where does spontaneity lead us?

Kia Ora to the Boosted Community!

DESIRE LINE(s) is the Restless Legs Ensemble's first impatient creation.

It is a fresh and startling new dance work, investigating the multiplicity and messiness of human intentions.

Set to perform in Auckland's beautiful Samoa House, this show is fuelled by the real dilemmas and confusions of 6 freshly graduated dancers, grappling with the reality that pathways in the performing arts are rarely sign-posted.

In the spirit of our name we are wasting no time 'playing it safe' - this work explores a space between dance, performance art and theatre. It takes an immersive, experimental approach to audience configuration and isn't afraid to get political. The work comes out of our collective desire to support each other's visions and embrace our diversity in a highly collaborative and democratic creative process.

We are excited for audiences to step off the beaten track with us.

What we are asking for:

One of the biggest challenges for new graduates making their own dance work is finding affordable performance and rehearsal spaces.

After the roof at Old Folk's Association collapsed, the ensemble started looking for new places to rehearse and perform our show.

We are immensely grateful to be performing in Samoa House, and to be using the generous spaces of The Dance Studio, Neverland Dance Studios and Unitec for reduced rates. These spaces are essential to fulfilling our ambitions for innovative spatial configuration and audience immersion.

The cost to hire these spaces however is much more than we can fund by ourselves. The travel between the spaces from our homes (the studios are in Albany, Pakuranga and Sandringham) is also a challenge to our petrol tanks and HOP cards.

We need to raise $2000 in order to cover these costs, alongside funding our nifty yet low-budget costumes, lighting, and set design.

Let your credit card stray from its repetitive routes! Skip a coffee this week! Donate to our Boosted Campaign and help us realize Desire Line(s).


  • Desire Line(s)


    Desire Line(s)
  • Desire Line(s)


    A massive thank you to all of those who have donated and supported so far! We appreciate your kindness and generosity immensley.

    Tonight is our opening night and we would love to see you there! We also have performances on Friday and Saturday night at 8pm if you can't make it tonight. 

    Thanks again for all the support! 

    Love RLE