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Bleeding Black

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The Show:
"Bleeding Black" is a one man play that explores what it means to be a young kiwi bloke living in a rugby-mad world, under the roof of a rugby-mad father. Following the thematic footsteps of "Foreskin's Lament" (1980) and "Balls" (2016), this solo tackles the shortcomings of rugby fan culture by combining an exploration of the past with the perspective and knowledge of the current day.

"Bleeding Black" is a new dramatic solo work written and performed by Christopher Watts, lead by a creative team with six successful NZ Fringe seasons under their belts. This development piece is to be workshopped in late 2016, and tested with a live audience in the Studio at Bats Theatre in Fringe 2017.

The Boosted fund:
As much as we would love funding from the All Blacks themselves, unfortunately they have yet to respond to our emails about "Bleeding Black". This means plan B!

We are seeking $500 to produce "Bleeding Black" for the first time in the Studio at Bats Theatre as part of the 2017 New Zealand Fringe Festival. Your donation will do towards props, cost of rehearsal spaces and a small poster marketing campaign. If we manage to get over $500, (how incredible?!) we want to start how we intend to continue and at least cover costs such as bus fares and petrol for all involved in this production. 

We have secured the Studio at Bats Theatre, 14th - 17th February at 9:30pm for our season.

The Future:
Goal 1: As this is a development season of "Bleeding Black", once NZ Fringe is complete we will regroup and aim to take the production on a small North Island tour and to multiple UK Fringe Festivals later in 2017 or 2018.
Goal 2: The Co-Lab continues to produce original New Zealand theatre and encourages upskilling in multiple arts disciplines.
Goal 3: Stay tuned as we become the first New Zealanders to win a Tony Award! (We can dream, right?)