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A tale of Love; how it is found, lost, and in turn created.
Inspired by the story of Artemis (the Greek goddess of nature and the hunt), conceived through a scandalous affair between the arrogant Zeus and the innocent Leto. Our tale follows the chaos surrounding this unrequited love and its consequences. How did Artemis become the savage goddess she's known as?
Translated, the spelling of the name "ARTIMUS" means:
"Follower of the goddess Artemis".
This translation has allowed us to create and devise our own perceptions of this Greek story.

Who we are: Burning Man Productions has a mission of building an industry based on hard work, passion and commitment. Becoming an integral part of the performing arts industry in New Zealand and the world by offering support to the now growing dance/performer community.

Our Directors (James Luck & Rebekkah Schoonbeek) both currently work extensively within the performing arts industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and understanding for how different aspects of the industry work; from performing, producing, creating and directing.

Burning Man Productions encompasses all genres of dance; Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Latin, Tap, Lyrical, Commercial and Ballet. Different dialects of a universal language.
Telling stories that people can relate and connect with, we open ourselves to all who wish to be entertained.


Why we need your help: We want to ensure that our cast and crew are paid a fair wage for their time, energy and skills. Supporting this boosted campaign is helping support the dancers themselves, and for our company to support there working enviroment and conditions.

This is the second time we have staged Artimus, we were entirely self funded the first time round but this time we need help to make this show the slick well oiled machine we know it can be.

Better costumes, rehearsal space, lighting and sound give us the edge we need to compete with the big boys in the industry. The goal for our company and for Artimus is to become self sufficient and provide paid work for dancers, donating will help us get the ball rolling with this show and hopefully many more after.