Moira Clunie

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Image for Trans Tasmin

Robert Gilbert

There are very few theatre plays that explore the world of transgender New Zealanders in contemporary society.

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Image for Dear Mother Basillise

Hinemoana Baker

Kia ora! I'm a poet and teacher of creative writing in Wellington. The new book I'm writing tells two haunting family stories: my father's time spent as a child in a Catholic orphanage in Nelson, and my own story of trying to become a parent and experiencing infertility. It's about what it means to lose a parent, to be a parent, and to lose the opportunity to have children of your own. On a wider level it's about me connecting with my father through our shared experiences of grief. For the last year I have been Creative New Zealand Victoria University Writer in Residence in Wellington. I've researched and written 40,000 words of a new book, 'Dear Mother Basillise'. I need one more year of writing and researching full time to take my book to the point where I can submit it to my publisher. I'm asking my 'Boosted' supporters to help me with the first six months of that.

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Image for Madness Made Me

Nikki Castle

As a 21-year-old locked up in a psychiatric ward, Mary struggled to make sense of her madness. Where the doctors saw illness, she could only see herself.

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Image for Pot Luck - webseries

Robin Murphy Productions Limited

'Pot Luck' is a fresh, fun, and sexy narrative web-series that explores the lives of three Wellington lesbians when they make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

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Image for Goblin Market

The Dust Palace

Back The Dust Palace so that we can introduce our exhilarating new take on circus-theatre to the world. First stop: Montreal.

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Image for Pot Luck season two

Fired Up Productions

Can Beth negotiate a romance and Eileen’s deteriorating health? Will Mel figure out what it is she really wants? Will Debs get... ribs? DONATE NOW and find out!

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Image for Seacliff Demise of Ward 5

Renee Maurice

Help bring this important historical musical to life. 75 years ago, we lost 37 New Zealand women. It's time to tell their story...

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Image for Kahoa Kakala

Sione Monu

My first solo exhibition as a visual artist showcasing the form of kahoa or Tongan garlands.

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Piripi Mackie

Kia ora. We're trying to raise some putea to help us in filming a documentary on Takatāpui (māori+queer) individuals and we really need your help!

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