Heather Galbraith

Curator, writer, educator, fan, based in Wellington, Aotearoa.

Heather Galbraith has helped fund

Image for Within Outside

Katherine Joyce-Kellaway

An immersive installation exhibiting in early December, at 30Upstairs Gallery, Wellington.

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Image for Help Us Change!

Barbarian Productions

Our much-loved Grim Reaper characters are returning in a new work entitled Help Us Change! They'll take to the streets as part of the Performance Arcade 2014.

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Image for Great Cities, Rich Conversation

Sam Kebbell

An architectural project we did in Wellington has been selected for an exhibition at the Design Hub in Melbourne. It’s a chance to take local architecture to an international audience.

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Image for My Heart is an Anchor

elliot collins

This temporary painting as part of Tidelines aims to awaken a part of the Wynyard Quarter before it's rejuvenation as part of the ongoing developments.

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Image for Cultivate

John Vea

As a part of Tidelines I will do a performance that will result in the creation of a temporary installation in Wynyard Quarter.

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Image for Drawing a Line Somewhere

Sarah Maxey

Drawing a line somewhere has its origins in my love of language and letterforms, my lifelong interest in comics, graphic novels and sequential art, and my considerable experience in making books. The book, similar in size and extent to a volume of poetry, will be beautifully designed, crafted and produced.

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Image for Lost in Space!

Warren Feeney

On 2 October 2014, 6,000 people came to Sydenham in Christchurch for a great evening of public art, live music, street markets, exhibitions and performance for the city’s inaugural First Thursdays. First Thursdays returns to Sydenham 5 February with LOST IN SPACE! Featuring more than 40 artists, this is a community event that brings art into the public domain. Three projects developed for First Thursdays’ by artists, Jordana Bragg, Ed Lust and Sandy Austin-Fraser will go where no one has gone before.

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Image for GIVE IT TO ANNA DEAN (oh yes!)

Anna Dean

Alongside 32 participants from 20 countries, I have been selected to attend the international Pixel Lab in July 2015. It's a big deal to get in and the first time anyone from NZ has been accepted.

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Image for Photobook New Zealand

Photobook Fair

A brand new event to give New Zealand’s wonderful photographers and independent presses the opportunity to showcase their books.

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Image for We dont have to be the Building

Sian Torrington

A passionate, embodied research, art and writing project on queer whakapapa of activism and sexuality. From Homosexual Law Reform to now, to show in lightboxes Courtenay Place Wellington.

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Image for Tongas Strength-hold Is Its Heart

Emily Mafile'o

"Tonga’s strength-hold is it's Heart" A photographic documentation of my father Saia and our family at the 150th Anniversary of Tupou College, Toloa Tonga.

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