Everybody Cool Lives Here

Everybody Cool Lives Here like to play with fellow practitioners and community groups to create work that share New Zealand stories. We aim to present accessible work that will immerse audiences in theatrical magic, with the aim to challenge perceptions, encourage engagement and ultimately entertain.

Everybody Cool Lives Here has helped fund

Image for New Performance New York

The Playground NZ

We're organising a new festival of New Zealand theatre and performance in one of New York City's most exciting venues. We need support for the cost of promoting this festival in New York, and to get our set and props freighted around the world.

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Image for SEP ARATE

Lydia Zanetti

SEP ARATE is a dance theatre show by the combined choreographic powers of val smith and Lydia Zanetti. Featuring a plethora of Auckland talent, SEP ARATE teases out the conversation around gender and sexuality through a queer gaze. In turn hilarious, challenging and charming, this is dance with a sprinkling of clowning and theatre - making a show that is accessible and current. We need dancers in order to perform however...

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Image for Capital E National Arts Festival for Children

Capital E

We want NZ children to experience award-winning arts from around the world and home that has been made especially for them. Our campaign is to make this Festival accessible for all. Transport costs for schools is often an obstacle for participating – donating $5 puts a child on a bus.

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Image for Take the Stage

Isaac Theatre Royal

Without your support the Isaac Theatre Royal will miss out on $150,000 of critical matched funding pledged by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.

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Image for Fantasy Cave

Michelle Savill and Matt Henley of Little Friend

A group of cave dwellers beaver away night and day to create an immersive fantasyland, but is it really for the children?

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Image for Grand Opening

Barbarian Productions

Barbarian Productions are taking on the Opera House for the CubaDupa festival. We're going to fill the building with life, colour, music, celebration and community expression. We're opening the doors wide, so come on in and join us.

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Short+Sweet Festival New Zealand

Become a Short+Sweet Champion and help this unique little, big festival celebrate creativity, experimentation and collaboration in New Zealand through its unique and accessible 10-minute format. Each year, Short+Sweet Festival New Zealand provides a platform for actors, dancers, singers, writers, choreographers, musos and directors to create high quality new work in a professional theatre environment reflecting each Festival city. We need you support to get the Festival across the finish line!

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Image for Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney

Muscle Mouth

Muscle Mouth has been invited to present our latest dance theatre show Triumphs and Other Alternatives in Sydney. This is a triumph for us! We're running this campaign for the final part of our travel and accommodation costs, after raising the rest ourselves. This is an exciting time for us - Muscle Mouth is beginning to take flight!

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Image for Hine

Julie Zhu

In reclaiming our sacredness as women we are restoring the balance. We invite you to take a journey with us, and navigate the tides of womanhood together.

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Image for Debts We Pay

Sapna Samant

Debts We Pay is an independent short film about an Indian family in Wellington and how the parents and children learn to negotiate living between two cultures.

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Image for The Biggest

Tikapa Productions LTD

Soon to be The Biggest comedy in New Zealand, written by award winning writer Jamie McCaskill, The Biggest is a hilarious look at raw rural men.

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Image for The First Time

Courtney Rose Brown

'The First Time' is told from the point of view of five women in their early twenties experiencing things for the first time.

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Image for Soul Places

Mark Lapwood

Soul Places - a feature length documentary - is a cinematic exploration of the beauty of nature and humanity, and the deep connection between Soul & Place.

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Image for Rita

#Vivid WGTN

Let's celebrate the one of New Zealand's top artists, Rita Angus and the time she spent creating work in the Capital.

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Image for FLESH OF THE GODS AKL Fringe Festival

Andrew Gunn Pressure Point Collective

Hot on the heels of POTATO STAMP MEGALOMANIAC comes Pressure Point's third play, FLESH OF THE GODS, a psychedelic dive into world mythology. (AKL Fringe 2016.)

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Image for Political Cutz

Jennifer O'Sullivan

Cheap coffee, free haircuts, and political banter... Political Cutz is a comfortable space for political conversation and engagement (without the polls).

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Image for Yellow is Forbidden

Pietra Brettkelly

YELLOW IS FORBIDDEN is a modern day Cinderella where diminutive and daring Guo Pei’s dream of the exclusive, savage haute couture world doesn’t end at the ball.

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Image for Evans Odyssey

Conor Cameron

Evan's Odyssey is a web-series in development. The story and characters are based on Greek mythology and crammed into 21st Century Wellington City.

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Image for Manawa Ora Roses in Concrete

Ngā Rangatahi Toa Creative Arts Initiative Trust

A group of talented South Auckland teens collaborate with some of the top creatives in NZ, to bring real life stories of freedom and possibility to the stage.

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Image for Performance Art Week Aotearoa

Performance Art Week Aotearoa

Performance Art Week Aotearoa (PAWA) is a new platform for performance art and will be happening from the 8th-12th of November in Wellington 2017.

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