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Carrie Buckmaster

I'm a 35yo NZer with a passion for videography and long distance bike travel. I was

born and raised in Hamilton and have been struggling unsuccessfully to return home to my claimed and loved homecity of Wellington for some time. I have been based in Cape Town for the past two years, which is in my experience a demanding and vibrant city of violent beauty.

I have never attempted to make money from my creative film work. I have worked for $ in the IT industry as a project manager and product developer for over a decade. At the beginning of April 2013 I did something new and started my first ever full time stint at an NGO. I love it. I currently dedicate my 9 to 5 (and beyond) to the Rainbow Dreams Trust (, a small grassroots organisation that works like a family to uplift underprivileged youth.

I am also a board member of the South African branch of Peace & Love International, whose current projects involve a partnership with Fisanterkraal high school working to provide some of the missing components required to help learners succeed academically and in lifel. Peace & Love International South Africa's most successful project is a 3 day a week tutoring program E1T1 ( in which self organised volunteers mainly from University of Cape Town are transported to and tutor motivated and bright students in very poorly performing schools. Fisanterkraal High is the main school this program is focussing on, though we do visit others sporadically.