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Prospect Park Productions (NZ) was established in 2016 by producer, H-J Kilkelly, and writer, Emily Duncan.

H-J and Emily have a working relationship that spans 14 years, harking back to the days where H-J stage managed an ambitious production of Romeo and Juliet, in which Emily played Lady Capulet, alongside H-J’s dad.

The team has reunited after years of various other projects to form Prospect Park Productions, to create and produce original NZ theatre, with a view to touring both nationally and internationally. PPP is particularly focused on highlighting women in the industry, and supporting fledgling talent to grow and produce quality work.

Prospect Park Productions is named for Prospect Park in Dunedin, the city where Emily still lives and writes. H-J, while a staunch Dunedin-ite at heart, calls Wellington home…for now!

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Prospect Park Productions

Hold Me is a shifty, twisty, spinny tale of all the good n gory bits - love, war, and money. But time is of the essence for our characters, who are forever teetering on the cusp of Autumn...